Anyone have a Python alarm on their 60 or other vehicle?

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Jan 18, 2005
Louisville, Kentucky
It looks like I've narrowed it down to a Python and seems to be the best combo,
alarm/price/competent installer. I've been drilling audio shop guys like a job interview and believe I've got one I trust. I've explicitly stated how anal I am about everything being done right, down to if any clips etc break in the install. Python alarm, parking light flash, four doors and hatch all tied in, and the best part power locks for 50 a door. I checked and he uses the high quality actuators for the locks (they can range from $1-15.00 per) I cant decide whether I'll do the two front doors or all four? I never carry four people around, usually just me and the ol' lady, so I think just the two fronts will be sufficient. Any input otherwise? Alarm installed w/ two front power locks, and 4 doors and trunk tied in will run $325, which is a very good price in my opinion. Python is a DEI company, ie Viper etc etc. so all accessories are interchangeable....

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