anyone got a rear axle rebuild kit (80)

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Jun 5, 2005
Madison NC
Just pulled in the door the other evening and one of the benefits of driving a very very lil truck is the drive by undercarriage inspection opportunities on an 80 in the driveway. Unfortunately a quick peek revealed a puddle of gear oil under the pass. rear tire and it looks like im due for an immediate rebuild. Just seein if anyone had a kit laying around for a rainy day i could pursuade you to let me have and replace w/ the one I have on the way from Cdan?

I got plans to travel w/ the 80 next weekend (25th) but also have a gas tank to clean, prep and swap before then so was trying to jump on it sooner if i could. Plus I'd prefer not to button up a major service right before hitting the road w/ out a lil road time first. Thanks in advance.

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