Anyone close to the border?

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Jul 4, 2006
Anyone close to the border? Or maybe i should ask, who is the closest to Canada?
Planing on sneaking across?
Planing on sneaking across?

Might buy a cruiser down south and have it ship close by, to anyone willing to keep it a few days until i have paper work done and ready to bring it in Canada.
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I'm in Plymouth, NH right off US93 about 2 hours from the border.
Eric...I am probably your closest....right near the airport in South Burlington, VT.....40 min from Highgate, Vermont....and 80 min from downtown Montreal. Let me know if you need a hand.
K (vtcruiser60) was really close...and a really very cool guy to visit/deal with :clap:

Another option is to have the rig dropped of at the Peterbuilt place in Champlain NY, and have a local guy go and get it...this is what I did.

I'll PM you :beer:
Thank you rufus!

But right now i'm trying to get information for the truck. I think getting one from the US will end up being more hard and more trouble then one from france. Those seller just don't care. You ask for a picture and it seem too much trouble.....

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