Anybody planning to be at URE this Sat?

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Dec 1, 2006
A buddy and I are planning to be at URE in our fj40s this Saturday. His is a bit extreme but mines pretty simple. But wanted to see some landcruisers at uwharrie for the first time. If your there, keep a look out for us! these are ours..Mines the first one:
This is mine, my name is Martin

and this is Sam's SLIGHTLY modified 40:rolleyes:
Awesome looking 40, Martin! So many folks here have fantastic 40s, it's really amazing.

I don't think I can make it this weekend, you guys would be dragged down with a near-stock 80 anyway. ;)

BTW where in NC are you?
Small world, I work on the NCSU Centennial Campus. We'll have to meet up some time, and you can come to our club mtgs too. :)
Alright! Ok, well my cruiser hasnt been at school, but it will be this summer while im taken summer school. Ill be staying in University Village for next year, so it will be up at school form now on. Ill get in touch with you when ever im back at school sometime. Thanks Joe!
Nice looking 40's.. If this was any other weekend this month Hubby and I would join you. But we have family coming in on Sat. for Easter...and to find out they are going to be grandparents... Martin I wish we could join you. It is awesome when you have 2 or more 40's together.. That is a rare sight.. Maybe we can all get together some other time.. HAVE FUN!!!!

Are you trailering or driving the 40's down?
haha, i know what you mean about the family. Yeah...since Sam's rig is alittle on the extreme side, he trailors his and acually has another spot on the trailor for mine. So both are being trailor. His rig is acually street legal as is mine. But trailors are nice!
Next time im free to go Ill let you fellas know, id like to meet up with some 40s alittle more stock, haha. Have a great Easter!
Some nice rigs, looks like you guys had a good time, we will be planning a trip sometime in the next month or so at Uwharrie so stay tuned.

1974FJ, I am right around the corner from NCSU, would like to see the cruiser some time
very cool picks man. looks like it was a blast.....looks freakin cold though.
Glad to hear you all had fun. Yeah, this weekend was a cold one to be on the trails... Great pics.
I know we'll be down there June 15-17.

Upstate Cruisers is having an event that weekend. If you can clear your scehedule then, it should be a fun weekend.
Truely a "Kodak moment"

Good looking rigs. The Tube40 is a little crazy for URE, but looks like quite a rig. Is that a triangulated 4-link setup?
Glad i found this post. The tube 40 is mine and will be getting torn down for a buggy in the next few months. If anyone wants the half body and frame then let me know because it will probably be for sale. Uwharrie was fun to go hang out and have a good time. Obviously its not extreamly challenging but it was something to do for the day and i enjoyed watching Martin drive his rig and my rig :D . Thanks for the pics and video martin!

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