Anybody going out tomorrow? 1/3

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Jun 26, 2005
I may head out about 930am or so. Not sure where. If anybody has a plan and I can tag along, that would work too. I'm located in Central Phoenix, heading north/north east would be best. Post up if you want to get out and enjoy the weather. Thanks
So I took my son and we headed out on Table Mesa road headed east from I-17. About half way in the road was blocked by a ton of rocks that looked to have been pushed up over the road by flooding. A guy stopped there said a Jeep had just turned around because of it (I saw the Jeep Rubicon a few min earlier, headed back to I-17). I jumped out and walked the rock pile and spotted a few potential ways over it. I had the guy spot my passenger side and I was able to get up and over. Even the guy (a hunter stopped there) was excited by the 80s ability to make it up and over. I was also pretty stoked as my 100 series would have likely required being locked to make it over this and I just walked it without issue in the 80. I'm not missing IFS at all. The low range with the 5.29s is pretty sweet, as well. We made it to the end of the trail without much more issue and realized it was actually closed on the east end with signage verifying why and what the fine is for trespassing. Fun day but sadly no pics.

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