Any upcoming HAMOM events?

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Nov 15, 2005
Charlotte, NC
Are there any upcoming HAMOM events on the calendar? My front axle is screaming for a rebuild and I'd love to get it done sooner rather than later before summer trip to OBX. Willing to host or travel since I'm in Charlotte.
Hi John,

I'm not sure I'd be good for much but i'd be happy to lend a hand if you schedule it for one of the weekends I'm actually in town and free this summer. With the ONSC event this weekend and the trip to Jocassee in July in addition to Independence Day weekend and a family vacation, the options are limited.

If you cannot organize a HAMON in time for your trip and decide to bring it to Toyota Tech by my house, I might be able to lend you my car for a couple of days.
John like I told you I'm here to help but my time right now is very limited...... I could certainly squeeze a few hours in though. Is this a DD or do you have something else you can drive while doing this?
Hi John,

I'm planning to rebuild the birfs in my 80 this summer but I haven't picked a weekend yet. Not really looking forward to it... Again.

How soon are considering this? Do you have the parts yet?
I'm willing to help out if the timing works well. I've got a full set of tools to do the job with.

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