Any Regrets Trading the 470 for a 460

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Nov 12, 2017
Falcon CO
Forum readers,,,
I've been contemplating trading my lightly used 2008 470 (106,000 miles) for a low mileage 2016 / 17 460. I started to build the 470, Roof Rack, drawers/interior storage mods/new off road tires.
No lift as of yet, but once I stay committed to the 470 build that'll be next.
I'm curious how many guys or gals have swapped from the 470 to the 460 with regret?

I test drove a nice used 2016 460 today. I liked it a lot when it came to amenities, but it didn't seem to have the punch the 4.7 has. Maybe it's the difference in the weight of the car.
And my biggest question/concern is approach and departure angles of the more modern 16 model year.
I don't really intend on doing a build on the truck but will definetly take it off road and push it thru the scrub of SE Utah, New Mexico, and Colorado. No hard core banger stuff. Just desert 2 track with a lot of washouts, corrugations and mountain roads. I'm not afraid to pinstripe the paint, but I'd rather not due major damage to body moldings/bumpers etc....
I personally thought the 460 drove and rode a lot better with the KDSS and the fact that it doesn't have over a 100k on the odo. And the support the seats of the 460 was tons better. The car felt bigger and more substantial than the 470. More Land Cruiser like, if that makes sense..

Comments, points of view, and general opinions of the topic are appreciated.

I have 470 with KDSS and test drove 460 before I bought mine. Feel the 460 laggy response but that is easily fixed with throttle mapping manipulator like pedal commander. The suspension feels tighter on 470 kdss. Later found out the RSB is 33mm on 470 vs 30 mm on 460.

I choose 470 with KDSS because I got lucky to find one relatively close, cheap, rust free and have the KDSS. After owning one with KDSS I do not want one without KDSS. Might be a hindrance for hardcore off roader but for balanced street and off road they are awesome. Hardoce off road would be better with solid front axle equipped vehicle anyway.

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