Any reason not to buy a 1999 100 series

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Dec 17, 2004
Boise, Idaho
Local has a 1999 100 series with 157000 miles on it. Is the second owner (first was a lease). Has owned it for 13 years. Pretty good carfax service history, most at the Toyota dealer. Had the timing belts replaced at 90000. Overall good condition - everything seems to work. Tires are good tread but wimpy all seasons that need to go. Stock in every respect. Was in an accident where the drivers door got repaired/repainted in 2007. Usual dings in the paint from being 16 years old. I think I could get it for around $10-11k.

Drove it quite a bit - shifts good, locker works, Tcase locker works, no smoke. Oil pressure at idle seems to be between the bottom and the next higher tick mark. Crawled around under and CV boots look OK, no leaks, etc.

Does have what seems like a lot of wind noise on the highway, coming from the center of the windshield? Don't know what that's about.

Currently have a '97 80 series, locked at both ends and with 155000 miles on it, OME lift, winch bumper, all maintenance done, etc. I want a toyota V8 for more power. Could have slee convert mine to a toy V8 for around $25k, or I could sell mine and buy this one for maybe $5k difference.

Keep the locked 80, and buy the 100.
One reason not to buy is you will like it to much. :)
Yeah, I am still on the fence about making the move at all, but I thought I'd hear what the 100 series guys have to say....
Just look at my sig line....

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