Any one in NW Indiana?

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Feb 9, 2009
Is there anybody in NW Indiana, that wouldn't mind giving me some advice on my LC?
I dont know of any one.

MrBryan lives in tinley, but he rarely around here and is too busy even to go wheeling. I think the tech day is in northern IN.

I know those guys were looking for work to do. So whetever you have to do take it to tech day and meet some of the guys and learn how to fix your junk.
Thanks, that sounds great. Should i just post in that thread? And do you think i should order my parts now? I know i'm going to get an ARB bumper, and and OME 2.5-3 lift.
I am getting ready to do the ARB and already did the OME. Would recommend the heavy OME set up and maybe go with Js in front. Get someone else's opinion on that. My heavy lift is high in the rear and putting on the ARB would make it worse. I will probably need to get spacers in front to even things out after the bumper. What kind of questions do you have?
- snip - And do you think i should order my parts now? I know i'm going to get an ARB bumper, and and OME 2.5-3 lift.

As far as this stuff I think you ought to back up and make sure the regular maintenance is up to date. Fix the stock stuff first then see about upgrades. Maybe ride along on a trail ride or two and see what you really need before you just toss cash around. Ask lots of questions over in the 80 series section, read up on the FAQ and learn about your Toyota and what you want to do with it. Then buy fun parts and get folks to help install them! :hillbilly:

X2!! Get it running pretty well then make a list of what you'd like to do to it! It ain't fun having a nice looking truck that can't run for anything!

Since your still a young guy with a little cash, there ain't no shame in buying good used parts! Look around the Classifieds section for some screaming deals! I'm sure there are more than enough used 80 series performance parts floating around to choke a horse! You'd be surprised what you can get for half the price!

Again welcome to Mud! I hope to see you on a trail ride in the future! If you need a ride on the trails, I'm sure I can make room for you! Just don't ask why nobody wants to ride with me! lol
Phil, I'll have to take you up on that offer sometime soon. And as per you advice i've been looking around in the classifieds, and have found some great stuff. I also found someone local who has a shop and doesnt mind showing me how to do some stuff. Getting together with one of you guys to learn, is certainly a priority for me.

And yes, as for cash to throw around... well lets just say a Bear market is a great time to make money! :D

I got into contact with toyman, he's got that fzj 80 he's parting out, lets see what happens with that.

So next time you are heading down to the Badlands send me a PM. If youre in Chicago i'm right on the way for you, or i could always meet you down there.
Arjun- if you have your parts- come over to Elkhart for the tech day this Saturday and we'll assist with the installation. If you don't have parts- come over anyway and get to know some of the Club.


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