Any of you live on Manda in Crestwood?

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Jan 8, 2005
Crestwood, MO
I live on Glen Rose Drive down from East Watson. Everyday, I look up Manda Drive and see a Black FJ80 with aftermarket wheels and wonder it they've found the "mud".

I'm laying low this summer which means I'm not gone near every weekend. I'll take a drive down and talk with them.

Also, there is a guy on Kathy Ct. in the same neighborhood. He had his FJ40 redone professionally and it basically sits, perfect, in his garage. They just bought an FJ Cruiser, so while I'm bugging neighbors, I'll run by his place. Nice guy.

While I'm here, does anyone else know of the "toyota yard" in Arnold? Homer Tourkakis is my cousin's husband who lives in Arnold and has an FJ62 & 2000 year (FJ90 or 100?). Homer is a celebrity, he's the dentist who went against Eminent Domain when the new Lowes in Arnold tried to take his Family Dental practice. Loves them Land Cruisers, but like me is busy with all kinds of hobbies and can't fit the 4-wheeling or toyota talk in. Sorry it's wordy, but if someone knows of this Arnold place, seems like a good place to get work done. I pass it when I visit Homer.

Send a note to toyminator about the toyota yard...iirc his friend has a connection. I haven't heard of anyone else in Crestwood.
The only "Toyota yard" i know of is not really in arnold its probably closer to the Imperial or Fenton area. He does work on all Toyota's and carries new and used Toyota 4x4 parts and accessories. He doesn't thave much used Landcruiser stuff though. He works by appointment only. If you need something I can put you in touch with him.
Joe, I live in Glendale close to sappington.

I have a white fzj 80 (sadly still mostly stock) and a Silver 3rd gen 4 runner Lifted.

If the black 80 with aftermarket wheels has mud tires, I waved at him the other day from my stock 80, and he looked at me like I was crazy :confused:

Shame. He must live too close to Sunset Hills to be socialable. I didn't notice mud tires, but it's really shiny and nice. I believe he properly holds out his pinky while he drives it.

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