any experience with Henry's Muffler shop

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Jan 5, 2012
I am looking to get a header back exhaust soon. I was thinking about getting an EMS exhaust but I have some have had negative experiences with them. So, I called Henry's muffler shop in Raleigh off Millbrook rd. The guy seemed pretty knowledgeable and can do it for less money. Any experience with Henry's? Also he was talking about putting on a big body Magnaflow muffler. Anyone else running these?
I had work done there several times. 1 full exhaust, and one cat back. The work was very good. This was years ago, but it was a good shop then.
Greg refered me to Henry's and they have done new exhausts on all my Landcruisers. They are kind of the unofficial ONSC Triangle exhaust shop. Be sure to know what you want and Donnie will do his best to make it happen.

I've been happy with their work and will go back again when I need more...
Thank you for the info. Actually, Donnie is who I spoke to. I will definetly give them a try.
Henry's did my exhaust as well. Dustin is the guy who did mine and he did a top notch job, exactly the way I asked him to do it.
I've gone to the one in N Raleigh to unf**k my EMS exhaust (btw I have the downpipe for sale if anyone is interested). They put that big Magnaflow on mine, and a Magnaflow resonator. The sound is very good now and I am happy.

When they replaced the EMS muffler, the guy who put the muffler on rotated it so it was sticking down. I pointed out to him that I take the 80 offroad and that muffler would get destroyed in a minute, so they redid it.

I am not 100% thrilled with the tailpipe location now, but with the resonator there weren't many options. As they said, at least if it gets munged, it'll be an easy replacement.

I have another leak in the sections they've done. Not been tops on my list to get fixed since it's not bad and I hardly drive the 80 any longer.

In spite of this, they are great to work with. Don't be shy about hanging around in the shop when they do yours and ask questions or make suggestions. Not sure if their approach to other vehicles is the same, but if you're looking for pretty, you better tell them up front.

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