Antenna Cable Routing

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Nov 30, 2006
Traverse City, MI
Im getting ready to install a Uniden 520 in my 80 and am wondering if there is a consensus on routing the antenna cable. The CB will be in the ashtray location and the antenna will be mounted to the ARB.

Thanks all
I recently installed a Cobra in my ashtray location, and I ran the antenna cable along/ under the passenger side sill and then behind the right rear quarter interior trim panel. I drilled a small hole in the rear right corner just below the top of bottom lift gate, and fabbed a bracket that attached to the upper lift gate guide. If you want some pics I have posted two in the 80 section recently, but I can take a few more tomorrow if you want.
Old thread bump of the day. But I have the exact same plans, Uniden 520 in my 80 series ashtray to antenna on front ARB. Trying to get antenna lead through firewall. I guess its the hole on the far left when looking into engine bay from front? Accessed from behind the passenger side kick panel?
You can lead it through both sides main wire grommets (marked in the schematics below). I took mine on the passenger side trough the front fender from the front bumper mounted antenna:


You will see both from above if you open your bonnet. Remove side kick panels where desired. Stick a piece of wire through the grommet from the engine bay side (insulate wire end so you dont hurt any existing wiring, use some grease).

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