another totaled 80...

Oct 25, 2008
Queen Creek, Az
Yea, it really seems that way, they like to destroy LC down there. At least they prove what the LC is made of.. I love this guys FB page, he collects photos of all the LC's from all around the world of Facebook... He's always posting videos mostly in Venezuela and they beat the crap out of them....:p

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Feb 20, 2006
San Clemente, California, USA
that happens like two weeks ago...

the rainy season over there is SERIOUS, I mean, like x10 wherever we call rain in SoCal, or worst... and is happening now...

the long history short, the trail to get to the beach ends at the lagoon/river connection with sea. In order to park your truck at the sandy beach and have a "bar"handy. is actually doing the water crossing...

Well, guess what, a truck was stuck in the save way to cross, instead of helping, this guy was looking for a by-pass and ends up under water... no one was expecting him to go "over", or may I say "under" that section...

The truck was floating, and they turn it 180 degrees in order to hook to the close strap and recovery point, the front one was under water...deep...

anyways, the p/s window was open, water gets in, end of history...

two 70 series with 8274 taking him out, but those were not close by for sure...

what happens next, I don't know yet...
Jun 6, 2007
Newport Beach, CA
If you have heart conditions, do not watch the video... is gonna kill you :)

The Venezuelans don't learn... same mistakes over and over...

LMAO!!! Man, I lived in Venezuela for almost 7 years and saw this all the time!!! In fact, I know that beach VERY well. s*** I am still laughing. Too bad the rest on here don't know Venezuelan español! Hahahah Awesome


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