Another starter question. (Rebuilding and the housing broken.)

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Mar 18, 2004
Abbeville, SC
Ok so I am finally rebuilding my starter after putting it off for months. (Its finally getting bad enough where it will leave me stranded.) So while pulling the starter out/+ wire off the place where the positive (+) wire goes into the contact / starter, the housing broke off around the contact and wire. The wire was stuck to the contact itself and would not come off. (It's still stuck on there, but I can deal with that. Teh wire is almost shot anyways, so I will replace that as well.)

OK so here are some pics of the damage. My question:

DO I need to buy a new starter? Or can I rig this one up to use and work just as well??


The plunger is very worn, I am almost certain that this is what my issue has been.

By the way, this is the best write up I have found, Look at the portion that zcruiser did.
And the old offroad4x4 rebuild page is no longer active.
Question: How will you secure the + starter contact back to the housing (but stilll insulated from the housing) so that it will make reliable contact with the plunger? It has to be coplanar with the contact on the other side, and if it's not held in place properly, I don't think the current will make the jump.

For reference (as you already know), it should look more like this:


The contacts seem to wear more than the ring around the plunger, but in your case, it's now the starter housing that's the main problem.

You might also be having a problem with the starter signal that comes in on the side connector. That needs to be clean & soid too, as there are a BUNCH of problems that can stem from just not getting a good starter signal to the starter.
I think that was my delima....I figured I needed a new housing, new starter or another used starter I could rebuild with the parts I have (contacts and plunger), but I wanted to make sure b/f I spent $100+ on another part.
That's impressive, and makes a new starter mandatory in my book. Don't waste a contact and plunger kit on that. I just put my spare FJ60 starter in my 40 or I would offer to sell it to you.
Hard to tell. Put it back together and see if the two contacts on either side of the plunger are coplanar and securely mounted. If it feels solid and looks straight, you may be OK and you can go ahead and put it back together.

In the meantime, pretty sure you can find a mudder with a starter that they gave up on rebuilding and will sell the housing cheap. Actually a reman starter from cdan is relatively cheap, last quote I got from him was $120.51 exchange, with a 30 dollar core charge on top of that. Not sure if your busted housing will qualify for core exchange, you'll have to PM him with pic to find out.

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