Another brake problem= need prices!

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Jun 15, 2006
Ipswich, MA, North Dakota, Phoenix
I'm traveling from Massachusetts to North Dakota and while in Ohio the brakes went out. ABS and brake lights came on. Pedal goes to the floor. I was towed to the dealer in Maumee. Searched MUD and discovered this isn't uncommon, but I'm concerned (To put it mildly) that they want $3900 to fix it!!! I've noticed that the price is around $2200 for the part and maybe $300 for labor (it isn't that difficult based on postings here, and if I were home I'd do it). Are they totally out of line or what? I think they may be double charging me (master cylinder and booster, when I think they are one-and-the-same?) Am I correct or am I stuck?? Thanks, Ned

Later: Sorry, I panicked. It's a '99 with around 150,000 miles on it. Evidently the PO didn't take very good care of it but the dealership I bought it from had installed a new interior, new Michilin tires, etc. so I thought it was better than it is. I had flushed the brakes before leaving Phoenix this Spring and got out an amazing lot of crap, then had them flushed again before I left Ipswich, MA last week. Guess the damage had been done. Spent two nights in Maumee, IN at a motel while Rouen, the local dealer ordered and installed a 100% new pump, master cylinder, reservoir, ABS, the works. Cost: $3600. I kept the old one which I will disassemble to see what was up with it. . An expensive lesson. I've been very careful with my 80, with 300,000 miles which is now 18 1/2 years old and has never let me down. I'm now going to have to do some catch up maintenance with the 100.
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I was just reading the thread about this on the FAQ for 100's and its supposedly $~1800 + ~$350 in labor .. they quoted way high from what I read.

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