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Jun 22, 2008
Little Rock, AR
First of all, I personally want to apologize for not being more active and coordinating meetings, trail rides, etc. My life has been more hectic than usual lately, and what I consider a hobby has taken a back seat to more pressing things. I am thankful for each and every member we have, and I hope that you continue being awesome regardless of our dormant club as of late.

As for the update, for the 2020 year, we'd like to have elections. Just as I have been covered up by other commitments, so have others on our leadership team. We've had the same team in place for 5+ years now, and we feel it's time to let some fresh people and ideas join the fun!

The following positions will be up for election: President and Vice President. We also would like a Ramble Coordinator, but those duties can be handled by the leadership team (like in years past) if no one is interested in taking that position.

We would like to have the elections in December. So that should give you all plenty of time to "volunteer" your friends for a position. :)

Oh, and did you know that RLC is 20 years old this year?
Oct 7, 2014
Falkner, MS
Very cool. I'd really like to see some participation out of this one.

I've been kicking it with you guys for the last decade and I've made not only friends but most of you guys I consider family. What a group!

I'd like to thank all of the leadership team for being some of the most generous and genuine people you could ever want to have been part of taking the club to where it is now. I sincerely appreciate all of the hard work and dedication that you guys/gals have put in over the last 20 years to keep this thing rolling and growing. Now's an awesome opportunity to let the ones who've worked so hard and stressed out over the last several years, kick back and enjoy some time off while continuing to support and help grow the group.

That being said I look forward to what the new year brings.'s your chance to help make a difference not only in group membership and event planning but also to reach out to the community and involve some new people into the ever growing sport of wheeling, trail riding, overlanding...or whatever floats your boat.

Again, Thank you to the ones who have worked tirelessly to make this group what it is. I salute each and every one of you for making this one of my "don't" miss events for the last 10 years. To the new leaders, you're stepping into some large shoes. Bring your A game.

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