Amusing story about Cruising and rustoration here in Liberia

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May 13, 2013
As I've mentioned in a few posts, my Bundera/LCII is a bit rusty. While body work is cheap here, quality is always suspect and I've ben slowly trying to build the capacity of my driver to meet my expectations when he finds local shops to do work on the truck. I started the rustoration last week with a 3 inch rusted hole in the smaller back door that originated in one of the license plate mounts. The previous owner just bondoed and painted over it and I only noticed when the Euro license plate mount fell off the car. After careful counseling and questioning insisting that I wanted new metal welded in with as little filler as possible, I left the rest of the project to my driver's management ability. When he returned with the truck the two days later, he was the picture of pride beaming next to the vehicle. The color match was good, the metal was smooth. All good right? I made those first two observations and then asked the next obvious question to me: how do we attach the license plate? The body shop had bondoed over the other holes, mysteriously leaving one of the two lower clips. In addition, the door was still wet as once they spray it, it goes outdoors in the sun to dry. I considered myself lucky that they masked off the glass and the license plate light and didn't spray them the same color. The next test is much more substantial as the driver's side rocker panel is rotted through. I'm going to insist that we cut the piece out of a wreck as there is no way the guy can replicate the seam that joins the inner and outer rockers. We are building to windshield and dash removal to repair substantial rust down into the firewall. Waiting on my Por-15 shipment to tackle that one.


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