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Feb 21, 2007
I have a 1980 Toyota Pickup with a 22r and I would like to upgrade my alternator. I searched a lot and found write ups for the 22re but is the 1980 charging system different, I would like to go with a Ford or Chevy Alternator with a minimum of 105 amps so I can go through with my onboard welder, lights, winch:D.
Hi Yarosig,

The charging systems are not that different. The easiest upgrade would be to use the Premier Power Welder alternator and welder. Here is the link for the 155 amp Toyota alternator.

I got their 160 GM alternator for my 4Runner, that was before they had the direct Toyota bolt in alternator, and I love it. You just need the factory bracket to mount their alternator.
Umm I forgot to mention I'm on a budget so the premier power welder will not work. I don't mind fabbing my own bracket either if that helps
Sorry to dig up an old thread but...

I am in the process of converting the externally regulated 40 amp unit to the 60 amp ic regulator but can’t find a diagram of what wire does what on the back of the alternators.

The older externally regulated unit is labeled L, E, and F but I have read that L is the light or the field circuit. I am inclined to believe light just because of the matching involved.
I would think:
E= Earth, but very unsure just a guess

I know light should read about ½battery voltage and field should read about battery voltage but none of the wires read voltage with the key in the “on” position.

Does anyone know what wires are for what on: 85 and older externally regulated alternator and the 85+ ic regulator alternator?

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