Alternator tear down


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Jul 2, 2003
Glen Waverley, Victoria, Australia
I had been wondering for months why my battery was repeatable going flat. Yesterday I put the Multimeter across the battery and got 12.62V with the engine running and no accessories, and 12.41V with the headlights on. - I used to always get 14.44V

The lack of Voltage must of been a slow and gradual degradation over the past few months, so can I discredit an issue with the Regulator?

Looking in the Gregory's Manual and comparing it to the diagrams on ToyoDIY. [Proxy]
Does Diode Pack equel Rectifier?
Does Suppressor equel Condenser?

What are the chances there's something wrong with any of the Rectifiers, the Stator or the Rotor? - Because I have a feeling it may be cheaper to buy a complete new Alternator from Toyota than the sum of those parts.

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