Alternator bracket bolts

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May 11, 2005
Lagrangeville New york
United States
WTB the two alternator bracket bolts that hold it to the side of my 3B, I believe the part is 90105-12008. these are special bolts with smaller than usual heads and a shoulder about the thickness of the bracket. If any of you guys have a pair I sure could use them . Tim
The bolts you need are a JIS-spec 17mm thread. I can't remember the length, but I want to say it's 35mm. You should be able to get them from a good supply house. AAA Metric here in Denver has an assortment of sizes in stock, and they do mail order if all else fails locally.

I tried going thru my supply house and was able to match the thread easily , but the head of the bolt was 17 mm and that won't work. The Toyota bolts have the same diameter and threads but a much smaller head. 14mm, I believe.
As I said, you need JIS heads. If you can't get them locally, call AAA Metric. They're very helpful, and will get you what you need. No affiliation, just a happy customer.

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