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  1. 60 Series
Calgary, Alberta Canada
Hi. I have a 1990 fj 62 Land Cruiser for sale or trade. The interior is immaculate with zero stains on head liner, carpets etc. The front seats are out of a bmw/leather. The rear seat is cloth/original in excellent shape as well (was actually going to get it covered to match fronts)The dash is perfect with zero cracks. The rear wheel well covers are there, also in great shape. I would give the interior 9/10. Mechanically it’s running really strong. It does have small leak in the front and possibly another in the rear. Easy fixes just haven’t got around to them cause they’re not bad. It has a new power steering pump and transfer case. The transmission shifts well with a very minor “the reverse clunk”. It’s intermittent so I haven’t touched it and if I did, obviously the 5 speed swap. The frame is in great shape with no damage from what I can see aka rust etc. It has the OME 3” lift (new) with new good years on it. No leaks from the difs etc but was thinking of repacking the front knuckles. (Preventative maintenance). The rust on the body has been repaired with all new steel around wheel wells and corners. The lowers of the doors have also been repaired but the previous owner didn’t do a very good job. If your not looking for it you’d never notice, was also going to fix them. The rear wiper motor was removed and the hole welded in and metal repaired. Good call on the previous owner because #1 rear wipers are useless on a flat window and #2 got rid of a problem area for water to enter. The paint is really good but a few years old. I’ve think I’ve covered most of the questions people would ask about these Toyota’s. If any other ones please don’t hesitate to ask. Pics upon request. Pls don’t waste my time. If you are looking at it you know what’s it’s worth and with a little more work this truck will only go up in value. 17,000 obo.






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