SOLD AK-2H short block with accessories/Garrett turbo (1 Viewer)

Jul 3, 2004
Anchorage, AK
Hi all,
Got a 2H-T short block for sale with accessories. Cracked head for free. Engine has approximately 30,000mi since rebuild. Previous owner detailed the rebuild. Don’t know how to link to it.
Anyway thought had a bad head gasket but it ended up to have a cracked head. It has a Garrett water/oil cooled turbo. I replaced the oil pressure valve with one from Terrain Taimer. Otherwise did oil change and fuel filter change every 5000mi. When I pulled it I cut the turbo oil return line so that will need to be replaced. Injectors we’re rebuilt and tested again when the head was sent to machine shop to check. Injectors tested good. You will need to re-install the lifters as I am pretty sure they came out of their seat when I pulled the push rod tubes. Some of these have rust on them. They are numbered from front to rear. Included;
New factory head bolts
MLS head gasket and normal head gasket
Full gasket kit
EGT port pre-turbo
Rear main seal

No alternator
No ac compressor
No vacuum pump plumbing
No power steering pump
No Water pump belt pulley(?)

If I remember anything else I will add here.
Shipping to the west coast has been around $400. So probably add to that the farther East it goes.
$2000.00 including shipping to lower 48




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Mar 14, 2003
Do you have the clutch fork and throw-out bearing assembly for this?
I'm looking for one …...

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