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Nov 5, 2003
Just north of here
I am setting up the shop to paint the 40 this summer. I need to plumb some air lines and I am trying to figure out the air line setup.

I am debating between the Sharpe 606A and the 880A. I have heard good things about the 606A from Len at Anyone know what the difference is? I think either should work for a 1 person shop. Has anyone used the DeVilbiss filters? Opinions?

Air lines
Copper is first choice but I am also thinking about black iron pipe for money issues. I have read mixed reviews about black iron pipe, including rusting issues. Anyone here have black iron pipe plumbing for air lines?

Store for buying???
I am also having a hard time finding a good place to buy online that will ship to Alaska without being 2nd day air ($$). The only place I've found is

Has anyone ever used Tool Gopher? They have a pretty decent price (not best but not worst) and cheapest shipping option.

Mar 16, 2003
I plumbed with schedule 40 PVC pipes. Home use garage setup with manifolds, oil resevoir for air tool line, water separator for all lines. Would probably add one more oil/water separator to a dedicated paint circuit/hose.

It was relatively cheap, easy to customze and fab, and I think beats the condensation and rust problem with either type metal lines you're thinking of using.

Only con is that it is a pressurized line, that can be breached easier than metal if accidentally struck somehow.



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