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Feb 6, 2010
Hey guys! Long time no talky. Babies seem to be a blackhole for all things time related!

A little status update...had an opportunity to have a professional body/paint shop paint the pig. Long story short, I had to get it there asap to squeeze it into their small opening after another project couldn't make it. So for the last few weeks Piggy has been living the highlife of body-work and paint luxury:)

I'll have pictures by Monday and synapses of what I did/didn't have them do for me. Amazing amount of work done for a staggeringly awesome price! So affordable, in fact, I couldn't justify all the hassle of doing it myself...which is impressive considering how tight I am with money. More details to follow.

That said...I need to get some door and window weatherstrip/seals figured out. I have some of the more difficult ones in hand already (namely the rear-cargo windows). I'm in the process of tallying up everything I need, but I really would like some advice on aftermarket sealing materials.

My primary concern regarding the seals is function over form (i.e.OEM originals is NOT critical). I have to believe there is something out there from a vendor that is going to work well. I'm pretty certain I need inner/outer door seals, window felt, and front/rear door window seals.

I have searched the site, but there doesn't appear to be too much updated info regarding this topic. I saw the amazing write-up in this section on the FJ40 cargo window install using aftermarket window seals. I am casually referring to that as my "Window Install Bible". I'm sure you guys know which thread I'm referring to:

A Guide To Installing Hard Top Windows

Anyway, this is where I'm sitting...other than the dizzy issue which I'll get back to once home:( Looking forward to getting some photos to show y'all!

Thanks guys!
I hear that 60/62 series door side weather strips work on the 55 series doors.....
Thanks guys! Lil'John, I know of the thread you are speaking and read EVERY page! Took a while. The only issue is it hasn't been seriously updated in a while, so a lot of those recommendations are defunct now:( Thankfully I have the big-ticket items (rear cargo window seal and upper tailgate window rubber).

Lamb, I'm assuming it's a bit easier to source the 60/62 seals? I'll start poking around JC Whitney and see what you guys think of what I come up with.

Thanks guys!
You should check with the part out guys first, then SORE has repros.....
Thanks for doing will be very helpful b/c I'm in need of replacement w/s all around. :popcorn:
There is a big comprehensive list somewhere of what works.

That said, I used JCWhitney for my inner and outer window felts, door side rubber, window runner felt,

I used SOR door opening rubber.

I got the repro cargo and windshield rubber from Cabe Toyota.

I got the fixed door window rubber, upper window rubber, and tailgate window runner felt from SLO Cruiser. Both were VERY nice

Hey John, how did you attach those window felts? Just drill and re-use the little metal clippie things?
Looking forward to seeing those photos, Dog. I still assert, even with the problems you've had that you have one fine canidate for resto there. As far as the body goes, are they going to fix that rear body mount? How about that bit of rot at the junction between the rear quarter and the rear valence? whatever it's called) ?

I hear that 60/62 series door side weather strips work on the 55 series doors.....

I have used a 60 door seals on my 55. If you are talking about the door side, shall we say "gasket", then it worked pretty well. Slide into place easily, corner match, and a little trimming where the ends come together ( it's a bit long), and a little bit of glue. The only getto part is where you have to trim at the door latch. I couldn't figure a way to make it look somewhat factory. :confused: Other than that they work cool.

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