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Sep 9, 2013
Dundas, Ontario Canada
Hello all. Was thinking of an 80 but got talked into a 100 by folks at the 80 forum. Have an 04 Cayenne S and need a replacement. I need to tow a 2500 lbs horse trailer plus one horse 2 twice a year. I live just west of Toronto Ontario Canada and will be going back and forth to Vermont. 9 hour drive. I need room for the family of 5 plus gear. I need semi luxury as I am in sales. Don't drive much at all. Less than 6000kms per year. Not worried about mpg. The back roads in VT are killer. We normally take the Honda Odyssey but the gravel washboard pot holes are killing it.

So there is the need and after being talked out of an 80 due to towing and safety features I am at the 100 forum. I want to spend about 10 to 12. What do I need to look out for on the AHC? I will be buying from the USA and need to ask all my questions before I fly down to pick it up.

Please take a look at this:

Other than some info on the timing belt what should I be asking for or requesting pictures of?


Based on your description a 100 will be an excellent choice to meet your needs. Remember, with proper maintenance 250,000 - 300,000 miles is not out of the question. Rust, previous owners maintenance are the most important issues. Some underestimate the 100 ability and are usually way off track. There are plenty of one owner Land Cruisers and you might want to be diligent in your search.
I currently have 279k on mine and it is a great truck.

I have been averaging 12MPG with 35s and a roof rack around the city which isn't too bad.

I'd be looking at some underbody pics such as:

CV axles to check for boot damage
Pics of all differentials to spot any potential leaks
Pics of the brakes and components to make sure that the rotors, pads are in still good shape
You can probably tell if a rear wheel bearing seal is leaking by the rear pads
Remember that trucks from dealers usually go through a full cleaning which can mask some engine bay gunk.
Make sure that the auto height control (AHC) works properly
Check for when/if the 90k service has been done
Check to see if the exhaust manifold is leaking

These are just a few things I would check. You can input the VIN into Lexus' website and see the service history if it has been serviced at Lexus.
175,000 miles on mine and still drive and feels great. Just spent $1700 on routine, all preventative maintenance though.

I am north of toronto about 20 minutes and have a 100 series.. only one around here i know of, although plenty of lx470s. This is one capable machine, and when properly kitted, is really quite impressive offroad. You are welcome to come have a look, drive, poke and prod mine to see what things to look for and overall get used to what you will be looking at/potentially owning. Mine is is not my daily driver, but i use it as a daily driver because its so great.. not the best for highway in its current form, but pretty acceptable for me. I do all of my own maintenance, except timing belt. metal fab is left to the experts, but from the sounds of things you won't be going that far..

in stock form it is very comfortable and plush, with years of reliability.
Thanks to everyone on this thread for your advice. I actually took it! Put a deposit on this 98 LC in Richmond VA, pick it up on Oct. 15th and have a 9 hour Road Trip home to get to know it.. No rust. Solid service history TB and WP done at 110. CV boots look good as well.


Good call. Looks great and you'll definitely get your miles worth..

I do like the green!

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