Adventures of Circle L Overland and Adam

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Sep 5, 2009
Bishop, Ca
I just got back from a four day road trip. Day one was to Stovepipe Wells, Death Valley. Went into DV via Trona and Panamint Valley. My sister and I were buzzed by a F18 Super Hornet, that was cool and scared the crap out of us lol Got to DV early afternoon and spent the afternoon relaxing by the pool. The high temp was 97, low around 60s.
Few pics from first day




2nd day we headed over towards Betty to fuel up and explore the Rhyolitte area. We then headed north to meet up with my Dad and brother. We spent most of the day on dirt roads but had to get eventually get on Nevada 95 and head towards Tonopah. We stopped in Goldfield and had a cold beer and the Sante Fe Saloon. Met up with my family in Tonopah and headed over towards Silver Peak, Nevada and the old mining area of Blair, Nevada.
3rd day we explored the Blair mining area and headed up the Great Gulch wash looking for an old mine that my family use to own. The road for the most part was just a wash, nothing too crazy. We had to turn around before we got to the Leidy Mine. The road was very steep, loose rocks and included a switch back. My Dad drives a 1993 stock 4 runner, I did not think the vehicle or my Dad was capable of making the hill climb. So we sadly turned around. We spent the rest of the day exploring the area and made our way over to Fish Lake Valley and the hot springs to camp for the night.
First pic is the steep hill climb, pics never do roads justice




The 4th day we packed up camp and headed over to the orgianly family ranch site of the CIrcle L Ranch. (this is how I came up with Circle L Overland) Not much left of the original site, we took a few pics and headed into Dyer, Nevada to gas up. We said our good byes, my Dad and brother headed North back to Sacramento and my sister and I headed South towards to San Diego.
My sister and I stopped at Copper Top BBQ in Big Pine. Awesome TriTip!

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