Adventure Trailers designing accessibility from the start

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Apr 8, 2007
Well since AT will be showing off it’s new folding trailer at the upcoming Overland Expo and I just got the latest pic’s I had to share with everyone how impressed I have been with Martyn & Mario and the rest of the AT team.
When I heard about the new trailer they were working on I knew it would be a benchmark design for the handicapped in this country. Adventure Trailers has welcomed our advice and kept the disabled in mind throughout the design process. Rather than build this new trailer according to ease of manufacture or convenience, they have made sure it meets the needs of both able bodied and disabled users alike and won’t require major modifications.
If more companies used accessible design at the beginning of a project they would find that their market base not only would be wider but they would be miles ahead of the competition.
I have to say thanks to everyone at Adventure Trailers for this kind of forethought and I can’t wait for all of you to see the new trailer at the Overland Expo. The details that make it easier on the disabled also work wonders for all you able folk! It has been great working with AT and I have put off buying any other trailer so I could save my pennies for this one. It will be worth every cent!

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