ACLC Bylaws

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Sep 23, 2004
The name of the Association shall be: Alamo City Land Cruisers

1. Bring together Land Cruiser owners of all verities and other Toyota 4x4 vehicles.
2. Support TLCA and ensure its’ prosperity.
3. Build a strong fellowship amongst members.
4. Promote protecting and enjoying our country's natural resources.
5. Provide instruction for off-highway vehicle’s proper operation, recovery, etc.
6. Share technical knowledge and assistance amongst members.
7. Promote responsibility on the trails and appreciation for the environment.

1. Membership is open to Individuals that own Toyota Motor Corporation manufactured four wheel drive vehicles.
2. For each calendar year, a sticky thread -- for membership -- shall be posted in the ACLC section of the TLCA Forum/Clubhouse forum. Any person qualified to be a member of the ACLC may register as a member by e-mailing his or her name and membership information to the e-mail address posted in the sticky thread. Members need register only once per calendar year. This information will be transferred into a file, distributed by email to other members and updated as needed.
3. Business Member: sponsors (businesses) and Toyota associates.
4. Applicants
a All members must conduct themselves in a reasonable, respectable and orderly fashion reflective of Alamo City Land Cruisers and TLCA
b Members are responsible for their guests', children's and pets' (where allowed participation by the event hosts) conduct at all Alamo City Land Cruisers and TLCA sponsored events and/or meetings.
c Must abide by all local, State and Federal motor vehicle laws.
d Must have mandatory/minimum safety equipment to attend TLCA sponsored events.
5. Dues at this time will not be collected for membership in Alamo City Land Cruisers. The only financial responsibility will be to maintain current TLCA membership.
a Causes of Termination - The membership of any member of any classification shall terminate upon occurrence of any of the following events:
1. The resignation of the member.
2. The expulsion of the Member based upon the good faith determination by the Board of Directors that the member has failed in a material and serious degree to observe the chapter’s rules and conduct, or has engaged in conduct materially and seriously prejudicial to the purposes and interests of the chapter.
b Procedure for Expulsion - If grounds appear to exist for the expulsion of a member the procedure set forth below shall be followed:
1. The member shall be given 30 days prior notice of the proposed expulsion. Notice shall be given by any method reasonably calculated to provide actual notice.
2. The member shall be given an opportunity to be heard, either orally or in writing, at least five days before the effective date of the proposed expulsion. The hearing shall be held, or the written statement considered, by the Board of Directors or by a committee authorized by the Board of Directors to determine whether the expulsion should take place.
3. The Board of Directors shall decide whether or not the member shall be expelled or sanctioned in some other way. The decision of the Board of Directors shall be final. Any action challenging an expulsion or termination of membership, including a claim alleging defective notice must be commenced within one year after the date of expulsion or termination.
c Any member, of any classification, shall agree to remove all association decals, or logos from the exterior of their vehicle(s) upon selling that vehicle(s) or termination of membership.
6. Transfer of Membership
a Neither a membership nor any membership right may be transferred to any individual, club, company, or corporation except as authorized by the Board of Directors.

1. Meetings shall be held at such time and place as selected by the Board of Directors. Changes to the time and place of the monthly meeting shall not be made unless notice is given to the general members not less than one week before such action is taken.
2. The President, acting on behalf of the Board of Directors, or any Officers of the Board or Directors, has the right to call a special meeting for a designated reason at any time. There shall be at least three days prior notice given.
3. A simple majority of the ACLC board of directors shall be the rule for all voting matters, unless otherwise specified. The board intends to debate and decide these matters at regularly scheduled meetings of the ACLC, and, unless otherwise specified in these by-laws, nothing shall prevent the board from opening the vote to the members present at such a meeting, with passage by majority vote of members in attendance.
4. Speakers participating in meetings will always treat each other with courtesy and respect. Disrespectful comments toward a person may be declared out of order by the presiding officer. Further disrespectful behavior may result in a vote of the BOD to remove the speaker from the meeting.

The Board of Directors (BOD) is made up of Officers. Alamo City Land Cruiser BOD members must be TLCA members in good standing.
1. The OFFICERS of the BOARD OF DIRECTORS shall consist of the following, each authorized one (1) vote at all Board of Directors meetings:

a President
b Executive Vice President (EVP)
c Secretary
d Open to any official ACLC member
e Open to any official ACLC member

2. The PRESIDENT shall preside over all Board meetings. He/she shall have the duty of carrying out the policies and decisions of the Board of Directors. He/she shall be responsible for Alamo City Land Cruiser Bylaws and memberships. He/she shall appoint all committee chairmen as needed. Oversee general marketing activities to the extent necessary to produce revenues such as arranging for event sponsorships and promotional activities like sweepstakes, and fundraising.
3. The EXECUTIVE VP shall assist the President and act as President during the absence of the President. The EVP shall coordinate all Alamo City Land Cruiser and TLCA sanctioned events and be responsible for maintaining event records. He/she shall be responsible for general public relations activities with other organizations and the media.
4. The SECRETARY shall keep all Alamo City Land Cruiser records. Shall take minutes of all meetings. Shall write all correspondence. Shall assume the responsibility of ledger roll call and determine the number of voting Officers and Delegates present. Member activities to recruit new members and retain current members which could include the preparation and management of materials, direct mail campaigns and other types of member communications.
5. Any two volunteering members of ACLC will be able to fill the open seats. In the event of multiple volunteers, a simple majority vote of ACLC members shall be held.

1. Only members in good standing with TLCA may be nominated. Only members with good standings with TLCA shall be eligible to vote.
2. Nominations may be in writing or from the floor of any meeting. Nominations shall be open up to the date of elections.
3. Regular elections shall be at the second scheduled meeting of the year. There must be a minimum of six members present to vote. Only duly nominated candidates are eligible to receive votes. Voting shall be done by secret ballot.
a The candidate receiving the largest number of votes for each office shall be declared the winner.
b The President's vote shall break any ties and that candidate shall be declared the winner.
4. In the event of a vacancy in the office of President, the Executive Vice President shall assume the duties of the President until a special election can be held. Nominations for a replacement President shall be held no later than 30 days from the date of vacancy and an election shall be held no later than 60 days from the date of vacancy. In the event of a vacancy in any other office, an election by the Board of Directors shall be called to elect a successor.

Amendments to the bylaws must be presented in writing. This may be presented through the official group email or forum posting in the ACLC section. Proposed amendment(s) shall be voted on after written publication of the proposal(s) in advance of the meeting that the action is to be taken. Amendments to the bylaws require a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote when a quorum is present. APPROVED BYLAWS TAKE EFFECT IMMEDIATELY
I would like to propose that the bylaws be amended to read from "Membership is open to Individuals that own Toyota Motor Corporation manufactured four wheel drive vehicles." to "Membership is open to individuals who are enthusiast of Toyota Motor Corporation manufactured four wheel drive vehicles."

This can be voted on at the next meeting, so please come out and help us have a quorum for the vote.
I didn't read anything in there about actually attending the meetings to still be classified a member. For those of us who are way outside of town (I'm 90 miles just to 410S, not including the drive across town) we might not be able to attend all the meetings. Are yall going to have a minimum meeting requirement?
There will never be any attendance requirement or any monetary commitment if we can help it.

These bylaws were written in '08 as a requirement for TLCA chapter membership. We are extremely loose with these rules anyway so do not read to much into it.

Everyone is welcome to come and go as they please, just make sure you have a good time. ;)

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