ACE spray paint

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Sep 26, 2006
Nashville, TN
Has anyone tried the ACE brand spray paint?

I picked up a couple cans today when looking at the rust stop paint, in dark gray. After the first coat of 2 it is going on very well, and seems to have a good finish.

Pics to come soon
I'm thinking it's all made by a name brand dealer Doc..remember..Ace is a nationwide chain and the last thing they need is for a couple thousand stores to get a batch of bad paint.

I bought a metric and standard rachet open end wrench set from Ace a few years back..everyone else wanted 75 bucks a set and they had em' on sale for 30$. Moral of the story....found out they were manufactured by Gearwrench....a name brand.

I'd say spray with confidence....:beer:
Im definitely down with the Ace paint , I think Rust o lum makes it.

for $3.39 a can it is better priced than most, and goes on very nicely. I should be bolting everything back together tonight, esp if i bring home a new project.
I used the med gray on my 40 rims over a year ago. It has held up well to mud, brake cleaner, etc.
Update, this spray paint has held up very well on my trailer, 2 thumbs up
I use it all the time.
This is the finished product
100_1145 (Medium).JPG
Not a damn thing the matter with that Doc...and the deck came out pretty good too....was the Mrs. happy? (all that really matters....) :p:beer::flipoff2:
Thanks Pat, the deck was her mother's day present, it still has to get stained.

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