ACC, A pleasure to deal with!


Oct 1, 2002
Newnan, GA
I have been restoring FJ40's for longer than I care to remember. Recently I purchased a project that had been completely taken apart and all the parts mixed together (as well as other parts that did not belong to this project). For the most part I have been able to handle the "re-construction" but a few things have plagued me. One being the split transfer case which I have not had one apart before. I brought it to ACC for their expertise in assembling it. They took the parts I had, added some of their own, ordered other new parts and within a few days it was ready to go at a fair price. There mechanics and staff were easy and a pleasure to deal with. After hearing horror stories over the years from a lot of people about repairs they have had, ACC is a top notch shop in my opinion!
tf case.jpg
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