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Jul 4, 2007
Anyone got recommendations for an NOC AC guy. I'm in need of someone to diagnose it for free and do the work. I most likely just need to refill refrigerant as the AC works, but not so good on hot days.
What's the problem? No cold air with full freon? Dead aux fan or bad fan clutch ?
... but not so good on hot days.

Ha, mines never been THAT GOOD on hot days, even years ago.

wait, what do you mean by hot? So. Cal hot or AZ hot?
Fan Clutch

It could be any number of things. If it works most of the year and not as good on hot days I would start with replacing the fan clutch and cleaning the radiator and ac condenser with simple green. It may be that the original clutch is not engaging very well therefore not spinning while at idling.

If this does not work then you will need to dig into it more. Most shops will trouble shoot the problem but charge you an hour in my experience. It may be as simple as a recharge or leaky shraeder. Or as big as a compressor, condenser, expansion valve, o rings, and cleaning the evaporator which will be $$$$.
On days where it's 90-100 degrees, the AC isn't ice cold. It's cool. The compressor works, since the AC is working, but maybe not effectively. Fan clutch is new as of two years ago or so, and there was a bit better cooling as a result.

I'm thinking a recharge or a system clean out. I'll give that guy in HB a call.

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