ABS codes, what do I have to look forward to?

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Oct 17, 2015
North Carolina
Dropped my 2000 lx470 off to get the ac system recharged today after capping the leaking rear lines.

picked it up and the ABS VSC TRAC and VSC OFF lights were on. Pulled the codes

32 LF Wheel speed sensor malfunction
52 Hydraulic Brake Booster Pump motor run time abnormally long
56 Accumulator low pressure malfunction

Won't have time to wrench on it until tomorrow. Gonna start with taking the LF wheel sensor out and cleaning it. Any ideas on if this'll do it or if I'm going to be in it for a lot more?
I'd take the 1 minute to clear these codes and see if they return - if they don't you've saved yourself some work and you can put it down to the AC shop guys fiddling, and if they do return you know you've got a real fault to investigate.
Well I went out to mess with it this morning and the codes were gone, so that's a plus, lets hope it stays that way.

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