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Apr 8, 2007
Gilbert, Arizona
Hey guys, just thought I would introduce myself.

Most people call me Ryan and currently I am a finishing up a Math degree at ASU.

As for the car, I just picked up a '97 FJ80 last weekend. I had been looking casually looking for the right one when I stumbled across it. It is a one owner AZ vehicle with Toyota red still in the radiator. No lockers, but the price was very right so I jumped on it.

It is a very clean save for a couple of issues, which brings me to the second reason for this post. It needs tires and the front bumper is a bit bent. The passenger side of the bumper is tucked back a bit. The body is fine save for a small dent that should not be visible once I replace the bumper. The tires are worn and provide a good excuse for a set of dirt worthy treads.

So - if anyone has an OEM front bumper sitting around the garage I would happy to exchange it for some green. As for tires I'm looking for a set of AT's to tide me over for a bit until the semester ends and real paychecks ensue for the summer.

Sorry for the long first post. :)

Yea Rayn,

Thanks for Joining the forum. I'm working on my lift right now but the next step will be a ARB front bumper so I will have a OEM bumper from my 94 and also a brush guard. I would be happy to let you have both for free but it might be 6 months before I get the ARB so if you can wait?

Do a search for Damage multiplier before you decide to install the brush guard though.

The bumper is in great shape but is in need of a paint job. It has a lot of chips from road rocks in it.not a bit of rust though.


Hey Evan

Thanks for the reply. I wouldn't want the brush guard for reasons implied in your post. If I haven't replaced the bumper by then I will definitely take you up on your offer for the bumper!

One of the first cruisers I looked at had a particularly poor damage multiplier - you had to pull it out of the way to open or close the hood.

At some point I may build myself a bumper, but that is down the road a ways.

Welcome...good choice!! :flipoff2:

Cograts and welcome! I work not too far from ASU and eat lunch in that area often. Shoot me a PM and we could hook up for a lunchtime BS session sometime.
Hey, that sounds like a plan.

In the middle of finals now, but once summer starts I'll be working full time in that area and we can figure something out.


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