a question for Gentex rear view mirror users

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Apr 1, 2007
I'm looking at the GENK30 which has the map light and the GENK50a which has the homelink. I all ready have the whole house running X10 which i love, and the homelink will work with it. My question is weather the map light on the GANK30 is useful or not. Im going on a trip this summer and think a less obtrusive map light might be nice. I have read all the threads on these and am about to jump on one of them, but feel free to give me a push:cheers:
A couple of pics for easy comparison



The GNK30 looks a little more low profile, whereas the GENK51a may interfere more with the visors:meh: Either way outside temp and compass would be a great addition. Has anyone used the homelink with an X10 system? I read on the gentex website that its supported but real life experience is much more reliable.

There is also the gentex K31
Looks identical to the GENK30 but when i put my truck info in it says this under it:
Gentex K31 Auto-Dimming Rear View Mirror w/Compass, Temp and Lights
Ships by 04/23/2010
  • Mirror mounts to factory mirror hardware
  • Standard button mount included for alternate mounting to windshield
Mirror mounts to factory mirror hardware! I doubt it but hey, maybe it does. Tough to tell from the pictures, they never show the back. I wonder if this is a new model, cant find any other info on it yet.
I installed one of the 51s:


It fits without rubbing but you have to measure and remeasure and make sure the mirror is centered and then adjust the mounting location one last time to account for how the mirror bends in toward the driver side and out on the passenger side. I prefered the features of the 51 over the other auto dimming mirrors at the time. Still love it especially the homelink. Put in a double din nav unit while you are at it and forget you even needed a map light.

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