A couple in the dirt pics

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Feb 21, 2006
Did some more wheelin with the new OME setup out here in AZ.

The first pic here, was coming down this steep, rutted hill, front diff got hung up. ZHad to jack it up behind the FR tire while my friend drove it off the jack.

Did pretty good overall. the OME suspension flexes nicely. Need lockers next and more aggressive tires. And rear wheel spacers.



I like that diamond plating on the rear there. Never thought of doing that befor. Where'd you come up with that idea??
Lots o rust on the rear qtrs. Wanted to bob anyways. Wasn't gonna spend the $$ to repair/replace the rear qtrs, so I just whacked the rust, sawed off the bottom of the qtr, and threw a sheet of diamond plate over it, glueing w/poly flashing seal and riveting it on, welding in the underside pieces, then filling the inside bottom and along the seams with expanding foam.

As far as the idea - well, here in AZ at least, alot of the jeeps have diamond plate trail amour along various body panels, so.....

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