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100s in the Hills
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Sep 27, 2011
HIH Family, here we go again!

We’re thrilled to invite you the 9th Annual 100s in the Hills held in beautiful Silverton, Colorado!

Event Dates: July 24 - 29, 2019.
Registration Opens: March 10th at 6PM (Mountain Standard Time)

As always, this will be a long post and we’ll add to it periodically before the event, so check back often.

We’ll once again be occupying the Kendall Mountain Ski and Rec Area. This area provides camping along the Animas River, on flat ground, with a 150+person dining hall, indoor bathrooms, couches, a large deck, a ski/bike mountain, a pond, hiking trails, etc.

100s in the Hills was created for us to get together and put faces with forum names, learn proper wheeling techniques, meet some of the vendors, and generally hang out in one of the most beautiful places on earth.

As always, registration for this event is reserved exclusively for the 100 Series platform. Each year we receive calls and emails about why we don't allow other vehicles to register for this great event. It's a valid question with a simple answer. This event was created to celebrate the 100 Series platform and its owners. We prefer HIH to remain small and intimate rather than large and chaotic. We also want to encourage folks who interact daily on IH8MUD to have an opportunity to meet one another. We‘re also concerned that adding additional vehicles would create a larger environmental impact on the local area. We will have a few non-100s sprinkled in, but all available registration spots will go to 100 Series owners first. Many of our sponsors/vendors have moved on from the 100, so you will see a few 200s, 4Runners, Tacomas and Chris' big white 80 mixed in. The Hooligans in the Hills will be back in their 40s to help with camp and trail logistics as well.

For reasons unknown, the 100 doesn't get the respect it deserves from the Land Cruiser and offroad community. 100s in the Hills is happy to cherish the underdog of the Land Cruiser world.

About the Event: Everything in this area is scenic and beautiful. If you've never been here before, prepare to be amazed by the views. We will have trail options that are completely stock-friendly, all the way to challenging trails that will test your sliders and armor. We strongly suggest every vehicle have an AT tire or better, and a matching spare. Stock road tires are easily punctured from the sharp rocks found in the San Juan Mountains. If you plan on joining the Poughkeepsie Gulch (non-bypass run), we recommend at least sliders and 33s. Multiple trails will be run from Wednesday through Monday, so it's best to plan on arriving early and staying late to make the most of it. Wednesday will be a lighter day with more camp activities than trail runs so everyone can become familiar with the area and adjust to the altitude. There are always impromptu trail runs on the first afternoon of the event, but we expect most folks will be setting up camp that day and generally taking it easy. Plus, the opening night party is not to be missed.

There are trails for everyone in your family or group. Our trail leaders understand the dynamic of leading a diverse group of drivers and abilities. They also understand that not everyone is familiar with offroad driving or even how to operate some of the equipment on their 100. This is the place to learn. NEVER be afraid to ask. We’ve helped folks shift into 4lo every year since HIH3. We've discussed tire pressure, locker use, CDL, seat position, and anything you can think of. If your trail leader doesn’t have the answer, someone in the group will. If you leave HIH without increasing your 100 Series knowledge and your confidence in driving offroad, we've done something wrong.

None of the trails in this area are terribly difficult, but they're all dangerous. You and your passengers should be mentally prepared for exposure and drop-offs on many trails. Black Bear Pass always gets the most coverage (rightfully so) but there are many other trails in the area where a lack of concentration will have disastrous outcomes. We recommended that you discuss this with your passengers before choosing your trails. Fear of heights is very real and while we encourage everyone to run every trail, some trails are simply not good options for some people. The reason why I am solo at HIH every year is that my wife has a real fear of heights and open exposure. Even though she has climbed a handful of 14,000 foot mountains here in Colorado, she does not do well in a vehicle on an exposed ledge. When passengers are nervous, drivers get nervous. Everyone gets stressed. That's not fun. Chris and I have led an enormous amount of people over Black Bear. We are familiar with every rock and every line. We know where you'll slide towards the edge and where you'll feel exposed and off-camber.

Black Bear Pass is one of the highlights of the weekend and you (and your passengers) should be mentally prepared for that trail. Every year there are tears shed from either drivers or passengers. Being nervous is very normal and I still get a little amped each time we reach the Steps. Our 100's are large vehicles and you will be very close to the edge, but there is plenty of room and you’ll have a spotter for the tightest and sketchiest sections. The trail has actually gotten wider over the last two years. Our Black Bear trail leaders have been down that trail more times than they can count. Trust your spotter and enjoy the experience!

Poughkeepsie Gulch is the most difficult trail in the area and if you’re up for the non-bypass route, the Wall is a fun challenge. As of last year, we’ve added a Poughkeepsie Gulch run that bypasses the Wall entirely. Even with the bybass, this is still more difficult than most other trails in the area, but the scenery is absolutely amazing. We recommend lockers for attempting the wall. ATRAC-only vehicles have made it up, but most need to be winched. It can become time consuming to winch 6-7 vehicles up the wall and we end up causing a log-jam at the bottom.

Camp: We will be based out of Silverton, Colorado at Kendall Mountain Ski and Rec Area. Google Maps

This area provides a large flat expanse of ground between Kendall Mountain and the Animas River. You can tent camp, pull a trailer or use a roof top tent. Large trailers need to remain on the gravel.

Trails: All the standard trail options will be available as well as a few new ones that include multiple trails in one day and overnight options on the way to the event.

Families: Families and kids are encouraged! Get them out to experience the great outdoors. HIH is a family event. It's incredibly important to us that kids can enjoy themselves. We will once again have kid’s shirts available and there are always extra prizes and gifts for them. Feel free to bring bikes, games, outside toys, etc. The area around camp is flat and open. There were some pretty sweet jumps created in the rain at HIH7 and HIH8! Please remember that there will be a lot of vehicles entering/exiting HIH9 headquarters. There is a large area near the lodge that's used for ice skating in the winter. It's about the size of an ice rink with a gravel floor. There's room to run r/c trucks or play catch in there. It's blocked off and out of the way.

The ski hill can be climbed and ridden down as well. We're still working on getting the ski lift running, but it's not really made for summer use. They use snow to build an exit area from the chair lift. We're trying to get them to build a platform so kids can ride the small lift (with parents) and bike down the hill. That's still a bit of a long shot again this year.

HIH is a family event. However, there will be alcohol in camp. There will be beer available on a large table and in large ice bins on potluck night. Some folks will stay up late and burn the midnight oil. We pride ourselves on being a smaller family-style event where everyone knows everyone and everyone looks out for one another. That’s the key to this event’s success. There are always camp shenanigans, but HIH’s shenanigans are relatively calm compared to many events. Enjoy, but be respectful. There will never be any alcohol consumed prior to, or during a trail run. This isn’t even an issue we’ve ever needed to address but we want families to feel comfortable and welcome. The great thing about HIH is that everyone is always on the same page. We all get it. Have a great time, help out those around you and make some new friends. The kids of HIH always have more fun than the adults.

Pets: Good dogs are always welcome. Please bring the necessary tools to clean up after them and remember USFS guidelines require them to be on a leash. It is a little more laid back around camp but we still need to keep them under control and on a lead if necessary. There will be a lot of kids running around, screaming, yelling, and generally having fun. Please make sure your pet is very kid friendly and can handle the noise and excitement of strangers and little hands.

Wildlife: Although we're right at the edge of town, this is still a primitive mountainous area. There is wildlife around that your dog could tangle with. It's best to keep them close. With that being said, let's talk about moose and bears and us. We did get a good look at a bear again last year, but not in camp. We do not have grizzly bears in Colorado, only black bears. While any bear can be dangerous under the right conditions, the chances of a bear wandering into our camp are still pretty slim. Yes, they’re around and will sometimes wander into town, but it’s highly unlikely we’ll ever see one in camp. It's still important to be Bear Aware. Do not leave food out overnight (this includes pet food) and do not bring snacks and food into your tent. Again, the chances of a bear in camp are super slim, but seeing one on the trail is a real possibility. We did have a large moose in camp at HIH6. Although they look friendly and goofy, moose are dangerous animals. They're incredibly large and very fast. There is a good chance we'll see one during the event. They will not come looking for you and they will not stomp your tent at night. With that being said, they do not like dogs and do not like to be approached and they will absolutely defend themselves if they feel threatened. If you see a moose or a bear, enjoy them from a distance. Give them all the space they want and do not allow your dogs to go and investigate.

Weather and Altitude: Even though this will be summer on the calendar, it can get cold in Silverton. You should be prepared for the nights to dip into the 40s and even 30s. (It’s rare to see temps in the 30s that time of year, but it did happen at HIH4 and HIH6). We will be camping at 9,300 feet and driving above 13,000 feet every day. Almost everything that we do will occur above 9,000 feet. Mild Acute Altitude Sickness is a very real possibility while you are here. It's important to know the symptoms and understand the only cure is to descend to a lower altitude. Even going from 9,000 feet down to 7,000 feet will help. (6,000 and below is best). There is some good information about it here. Altitude Sickness

We have had folks pack up and leave for a day because they were not getting better. It's important to know the signs. Please let us know if you're feeling any of the symptoms of altitude sickness, especially if we're on a trail. A light headache is normal. Vomiting is not. Hydration is vitally important. Start upping your water intake a few days prior to arriving. Just going into Ridgway or Durango for a few hours is usually enough to make you start feeling better. If you're coming from sea level, you WILL feel the mild symptoms. Headaches, loss of appetite, trouble sleeping, shortness of breath. I live at 6,000 feet and still feel the effects of high altitude when I’m above 12,000 feet.

Rain: Colorado is one of the sunniest states in the country. However, HIH seems to revolve around the rainy season in the San Juan's. HIH6 was amazing for weather and Silverton as a whole sees much less rain that Ouray just a few miles away. HIH7 started out great and ended with steady but light rain. HIH8 was on and off with rain. Please bring rain gear and be prepared to use it. Last year we were worried about fires and hoping for rain. This year, our snowpack in Colorado is over 100% in every mountain range. We're looking good and are expecting zero concerns with fire bans. The flowers should be phenomenal this year with all the moisture we've had this winter.

Campfires: We’ll have a dedicated community campfire spot, but many smaller campfire groups are popular as well. As long as there are no fire restrictions in place, we will have campfires each night. Please bring at least 1 bundle of firewood with you. It's best to buy your firewood as close to camp as possible. This prevents accidentally bringing harmful invasive species into the area. There are plenty of places to buy wood in Ouray, Durango, Telluride, Ridgway and Silverton.

Opening Night Ceremony:

HIH9’s opening night ceremony is still under construction. This has turned into an amazing event all its own. The party will be hosted by one of our sponsors at a local eatery. It will be walking distance from camp. More info to follow in a separate post.

Pot Luck: Possibly the most anticipated part of this event is the pot luck and beers around the world night. Please bring a dish to share that represents where you're from or a favorite family recipe. This is truly a highlight of this event. We also have a Beer's Around the World table. Everyone is encouraged to bring at least one six pack (or more) from your local area or somewhere exotic to share. The Pot Luck food is absolutely incredible. There is no way you can go to sleep hungry on Friday night! If you've never been to an HIH pot luck, it's unlike anything you've ever seen. The amount of food is crazy. It's not a can of beans warmed in a camp pot, there are elaborate dishes created with care. Pot Luck is our favorite night.

Event Meal and Raffle: Saturday night is equally as fun as Friday night. Dinner is catered by Thee Pits BBQ and will feature the tastiest meats and sides in all the lands. Chris and I will be manning the meat tongs once again!

As always, we will prepare for a fantastic (and totally free) raffle courtesy of some of the best vendors in the Land Cruiser and adventure community. There is no buying raffle tickets at HIH, there are no gimmicks or extra tickets. Every registered vehicle gets one raffle ticket at check-in. On Saturday night, you’ll get to place that raffle ticket in a specific container for a VERY good chance at winning one of many incredible items. HIH raffles are different than any other event raffle. We value our sponsors and see them as more than just someone to get something from for free. We want to make a vendor/consumer relationship that extends and continues beyond HIH. This concept has worked so well that we have participants that don’t even put their ticket into a large-item bucket. They’ve already won a bumper, or roof rack, or refrigerator. They’d rather try for a nice camp chair and leave the bumper for someone who really needs one. This concept allows vendors to continue to donate these larger items knowing that they’ll go to attendees that really appreciate them. Raffle prizes are not resold on MUD. That devalues the product and the vendor. This has become a successful model that helps everyone involved. When you make a purchasing decision for your 100 series or camping needs, please use HIH sponsors whenever possible. The sponsors at HIH are there as participants. They’ll be camped next to you and on the trail with us every day. You’ll see their products in use and are free to chat with them in a neutral setting instead of over the phone or over a counter. This creates long-lasting business/consumer relationships that benefit everyone involved.

Venue Info: Kendall Mountain Ski and Rec area provides a perfect basecamp and headquarters for our event. There are no hotel rooms or showers on site, but there is plenty of indoor and outdoor space for us to host dinner and event activities. If camping at Kendall is not for you, there are a handful of hotels and cabin rentals in town and throughout the area. Everything will sell out quickly, so if you’re interested in a hotel room in Silverton, booking early is essential. The next closest towns are Ouray (45 minutes) and Durango (60 minutes). Camping at Kendall is always the best bet though.

We have many things in the works that are not finalized yet. We're constantly working with local restaurants and businesses. We will update this post often but we knew it was important to get the basic info out there as soon as possible. As always, we promise to not disappoint. If you've never attended a HIH event before, it's unlike any other event. We're laid back, relaxed, family-friendly and easy going. We take great pride in knowing that you're traveling incredibly long distances, possibly with family, and making our event an important part of your summer vacation. We want you to enjoy your time in Colorado and we work hard at ensuring that this is one of the best trips you've ever taken.

Event Showers:
Molas Lake Campground, about 8 minutes from camp, offers nice showers for rent. Tokens are $5. There are also other shower options in town at the RV resorts. Ouray also has shower options available.

Cost: This year's registration fee will be $250. All of our costs have risen from years past. We've always tried to keep the cost as low as possible in order to accommodate everyone. We cover as many cost items as possible to ensure that attendees can not only afford to attend the event, but have a cushion to be able to eat a nice meal in town or purchase products from local business owners. Registration includes camping at Kendall, opening night party, one driver shirt, two catered meal tickets for Saturday night, raffle ticket, insurance, permitting, trails, and facility use.

Registration will open on SUNDAY March 10th at 6pm MST. (That's Colorado time)



Be sure to subscribe to this thread for updates on registration and further details. We will be updating the HIH website over the next week with new info. Please follow us on Instagram @100sinthehills and Facebook. If you have any questions, please post up or email Chris or Stan at: (@bluecruiser) (@paflytyer)

More info will follow. As always, we expect this thread to be 70+ pages long and we'll try and update this first page as much as possible. See you in Silverton!


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Excited for plenty of this!!!

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Since the event starts on a Wednesday, does the evening schedule change at all?

Wed - Opening Night Reception
Thurs - ???
Friday - Potluck
Sat - Raffle

^Is that right? Anything planned for Thursday night?

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