For Sale 97 LX 450 w/Lockers in Chicago - needs work

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United States
Hi guys -

Potential deal for someone in the Chicago area, if interested.

I'll explain:

Picked up a loaded 97 LX 450 w/factory lockers & 153K sight-unseen for 5K in Chicago from a used luxury lot. When I asked the condition they said "seats are a little worn, needs a bumper, but other than that... it's great... it's a Lexus!"

When I got there, it was really obvious that we were on different pages in terms of "it's great" means.

They immediately knocked off another K so I wouldn't walk. I took it off the lot (the factory lockers kept me in the game) knowing at the very least, I needed:

- new seat covers & trim leather in front
- mirrors (all 3)
- body work on hood (rust)
- new cowl
- antenna
- tires
- 3 lamp lenses (cracked)
- minor body work
- wipers
- trim pieces
- front bumper
- seal around moonroof
- some weatherstripping
- carpet (I was going to rip it out and replace w/LineX)

Had people go through the truck.

Learned that engine and tranny are solid (really solid, apparently) but found out it needs wheel bearing, brakes, rotors, calipers all around.

I've got an 8 month old (the whole reason I was buying an 80) and don't have the time/cash right now to get it to the point where I'd sit my daughter in it, so I'm taking it back to the dealer this week and telling them to f themselves. I hate being lied to.

That being said, they are going to have a truck that they want to move fast. I'm betting they'd be willing to move it for between $1500 and $2000 just to get rid of it.

I've already sourced most of the parts that it needs on ebay, and I can send anyone that wants it the list.

Again, you won't be buying it from me... just a dealer that doesn't know what factory lockers mean and will be sitting on a truck they want to move fast.

For someone who has an old 80 worth marrying to it, it could be a good deal (again, engine and tranny are solid & factory lockers).

Here's their old CL ad:

1997 Lexus LX 450 - $4,900

PM me w/any questions.

youre assuming they will actually take it back. good luck.

True. But I can be convincing.

My college strength coach was Dan Dalrymple. Who Dat?
I'm game if this isn't a scam ha.

Email me direct. $1500 cash and I'll take it off your/the dealers hands.

The dealer is taking it back, and getting the contact info for weigellj , who might be shooting down from Wassau with his car carrier if they want to dump it.

Have a safe and happy 4th everyone.

They took it back, and relisted on Craigslist.

I got into an 'elevated disagreement' with the lot owner about the difference between "just air in the lines" (him) and needing rotors, calipers, pads, and bearings (me).

I got some PMs about it... so here is the new listing if anyone is interested.

1997 Lexus LX 450 - $4,000
From the pics that you sent me, I wouldn't give the dealer any more $1000 considering its about a 12 hour trip for me. In my opinion its a parts rig, maybe someone local can snatch it up.

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