For Sale 96 LX450, Locked, 154,691 miles, Florida

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United States
Hi guys, don't even want to talk about it but selling my rig.
Asking $7,680

1996 LX450, 154,700 miles

Located in Palm City , Florida 34990


Old Man Emu Lift
ARB front bumper w 12k lb warn winch
ARB Deluxe Bar Toyota Land Cruiser 80 Series 90-97 - Lexus LX450 96-97 (3411050)

Iron Pig rear bumper with tire carrier
IPOR FJ80 Toyota Land Cruiser Rear BumperIPOR FJ80 Toyota Land Cruiser Rear Bumper
Rear bumper $895
Tire Carrier $495
Hitch $150

Total $1,540

Iron Pig sliders, welded to frame
IPOR Custom Rock SlidersIPOR Custom Rock Sliders

Iron Pig skid plate
IPOR FJ80 Skid PlateIPOR FJ80 Skid Plate

Extended brake lines and breathers
Stainless Steel Extended Brake Line Kit (Click for Options)Stainless Steel Extended Brake Line Kit (Click for Options)

4 BF Goodrich Mud Terrain 305/70/16.
Less than 100 miles on front tires, about 400 on rear. Letters&partnum=07QR6KM2RWLV3&tab=Sizes Letters&partnum=07QR6KM2RWLV3&tab=Sizes

LR cupholder
In dash cb with antenna for front bumper
Covering seat covers with molle back
All interior doors, tailgate and to end of rear seats has been sound deadened
All interior courtesy light switched to led.

I removed back seats to accommodate queen size inflatable mattress and haul my dogs. I have both second and third row seats. My plan was to build a box over rear wheel wells. As you can see in pics the whole inside of truck is sound deadened, a beautiful solid thump when you tap on side of body.
There is rust at front of hood and paint is shot. Hood ornament does not convey.
Rear quarter panels are rusted, plan there was to cut them out and fab up a box at either sid
e and use all that dead space for a deep cycle battery and an inverter.
I bought this truck in Virginia and drove it to Florida in May 2011.
Suspension and protection was all installed by Iron Pig Offroad in Virginia




I've never seen a hood rust like that. Is there rust anywhere else like that?
I've never seen a hood rust like that. Is there rust anywhere else like that?

Rear quarter panels are rusted also and the latch to open rear hatchback is rusted but otherwise body is in great shape. There was scale rust on frame which i addressed when i moved to Fl, a local body shop treated it.
I have the 2 missing fender flares, brushed them of a tree during hurricane Irma down here as i was out goofing around my property. I also have the center console and panels for inside the back area. I planned to put one of those tuff boxes where console was and had planned to build storage boxes over rear wheel wells.
The reason I am selling is I bought a new 4runner for work and i can't afford to keep both.
It's a trail dog, basically, someone would only buy it as a trail toy. A Cruiser with that sort of rust is worth $3K - max - in Florida, if you could get someone to make an offer on it... I've seen ones with good, but ugly, bodies for $4k. Most people wouldn't look at that one at that price. The armor and other bits are sort of worn and have surface rust, too, but you could clean them up and part it out and get $7500 for it in bits. Post it for $7680, but be ready to be flexible on the price to get it done if you want to sell it whole.
Agree with above, great trail rig for the right person, but with the rust and other condition issues (also unknown if it needs the infamous hard to get to heater hose fix, etc.).

A friend with something similarly equipped but in far better body/cosmetic condition ended up letting it go to a friend in the Cruiser community for $4500 or less. He in turn ended up spending a fortune on a new engine, but has an awesome expedition rig.

Best of luck - I'm in a similar situation parting out my stalled Land Rover project, and can tell you - I've made far better coin being patient and parting it out. Far better....

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