96 4runner rear bumper replacement

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Nov 20, 2006
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Has anyone tried an aftermarket rear bumper on a 3rd gen runner?
Preferences.... thoughts..experience
I haven't tried one, and I don't know of any companies that produce. All the ones I have seen are custom jobs. Here in VA, I know Lance at Ironpig can fabricate one, which I have thought about doing. So if you know of a local shop, I'm sure they can design and build.

Not to advertise another forum, but there is a bunch of information on yotatech about 3rd gen rear bumpers.
here to vouch for Irbis Off Road

There are several companies, mostly out West, producing aftermarket bumpers for 3rd Gen 4Runners. They all look really nice, but cost $$$. For a majority of these companies, they must have your vehicle in order to make the bumper.

Irbis Offroad ($1200):

I am a customer of Irbis Offroad and I am here to say their stuff is built very solid. The $1200 rear bumper includes a spare tire carrier and is on display inside their shop. They do strictly Toyotas and have fabricated a number of custom creations with 4Runners and LandCruisers. Slee Off Road actually coordinated with Irbis on at least one custom vehicle, and Slee has a fine reputation in the 'Yota community.:bounce2:
Ian & Ron, thanks for the info on the rear bumpers. I have a front diff drop kit from Sonoran. I'm sure that bumper is well made. For me, I like the Irbis one better because of the rear spare arm. I used to carrier the spare on top, but now it's in the back and takes up too much room.

Do you think the guys at Irbis Offroad would ship the bumper?
thanks for the links and suggestions guys.... several choices and options:cheers:
I'd also go with Irbis for the tire carrier. If not for fuction, for looks. :D They look sweet.
Check out Yotatech.com - tons of information there on these trucks.

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