94 LC for sale

Jul 5, 2004
United States
I know I will regret this but I have to sell it. It's a green 1994 land cruiser that I got from last year. changed fluids except brakes, and p.s., replace radiator, new front rotor not instaled yet with 100 brake pads, intalled new o2 sensor, repacked front end, arb winch bumper, hanna slider, 2.5 ome suspension, bushing not installed yet, no rip on the leather interior, jbl speakers, aux fan with toggle switch, and it's sittin on 305 a/t tires. rig has NO LOCKERS. it has 106xxx miles on it , and it's in great running conditioned. There's a ding on driver side door, other that that it's a clean rig. I'm willing to trade this for a 4x4 tacoma extra cab or $10,500.


Oct 24, 2003
Biff said:
Although I doubt you could sell it for that amount here with no lockers.
I'll suggest that it might be a bit more polite if these types of comments were avoided when someone is trying to sell their rig.

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