For Sale 94 Land Cruiser in Fort Worth, Texas

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Is that a Mazda 323 GTX in front of the LC in 4th pic?
Why yes it is. Its my toy I have been tinkering with. Its one fun car to drive and surprises a lot of people. Still has the B6T in it and will probably stay that way as long as it holds up to a T3 super 60 which shouldnt be a problem.
I saw this sitting in front of Buffalo Wild Wings one day a few weeks ago. Decent rig, but you are right, it needs cleaning! :D
I just did this. Go online and get a temp tag form ur MVD and take it with you. You will need the VIN and insurance. I had my agent email me the insurance card. It is pretty easy.
PM sent

Curious on HG and knuckle condition.
No roof rack or wind deflector, just the way Mr T. intended IMO.

Nice truck, at a nice price, and Texas means no road salt.
need it gone so SERIOUS buyers give me a call with your offer so I can get rid of this truck. DO NOT CALL if you do not have the funds now. Looking for a serious buyer with a cash/paypal offer to come take it.

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