94 fzj80 $3000 b.o.

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United States
I just bought my first 80 a couple of weeks ago and last friday my wife lost her job so all unnecessary vehicles need to go asap including my new project.:bang: I bought it for 2500 and have done the following in the last 3 weeks:

EGR modulator (no CEL anymore!)
BOTH oil pan gaskets
valve cover gasket
New PS pressure line
ALL fluids
plugs and filters
Packed wheel bearings
I am just looking to recoup some of the time and money spent.

tires are good
brakes are good
engine is quiet and smooth

It has 192k and NO LOCKERS. Sorry guys. It is a little rough on the body. It looks like it was side swiped on the passenger side and I have new rear flares for it but no front. The windshield is cracked. The interior is pretty clean and it has 3rd row seats. Like I said it is a bit rough but the price reflects that.
It really runs great and drives very nice. The tranny shifts perfectly and as far as I can tell, everything works. Please send questions via PM or to abakulski@yahoo.com
you gotta be bummed, I know how it feels.
Good luck!
Thanks man. We are just taking it one day at a time. Gotta look on the bright side - I get to keep my 71 for now.
both passenger rear flares installed. Dent pulled on front passenger fender. Nice cd player installed with alpine speakers. $3000
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Well worth the price you are asking for it.
New radiator and alternator. This thing is set for a while now guys! Just needs some TLC on the body. I would prefer not to sell it long distance - sorry Matt. I have had several bad experiences with people flying in.

If you change your mind I am ready to buy.
I will try this weekend. Im averaging 16.5 mpg and its running beautifully. there are a few issues that I should mention. the CEL came on again for the egr valve and it started leaking a bit of ps fluid from the pump I believe. Also the drivers seat has two motor that move it forward and back and one of those motors doesn't work so it doesnt move anymore.

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