'91 Fj80 driveshafts chopped

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Oct 20, 2005
Prescott, AZ
I'm putting a diesel in and need to push the xfer case back 4" and need to get the driveshafts chopped. The shop I took it to in Asheville (smallish town) are scratching their heads. They say the shafts from my '91 TLC are an odd size from other toy and other metric and thay do not have the right size tubing. They say they could work around this if they could get other flanges but Toy does not sell them and their other supplier either. Can people who have had their fj80 shafts altered chim in.

if you need it shorten,just grind the weld off at the end near the splines end with a grinder or chop saw,be carefull not to cut too deep,there is a flange that is the id of the tube.cut the tube to length and bolt it back on the truck and keep turning it by hand with a dial indicator on the tube,put a spot weld on one side,keep turning and keep it straight,put a second weld on the opposite side until you have 4 spot welds,then you can weld it up.that's how l do my driveshaft.
if you have to make the shaft longer,l found some 3/16" X3.75 OD tube at the still yard,l think they are schedule 40 pipe.
do a search on mud or google and they are lots od thread .
TLC import

Yea, I called Profitts and they were helpful.

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