91 extended cab 4WD for sale

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To all:

I am trying to sell my 91 Toyota extended cab 4WD V6. I've had it for about six months. It runs great, including the 4WD. It has 214,000 miles on it. As you can probably guess, the bed is rusted extremely bad and there is a fair amount of rust at the bottom of the cab. It is a great truck for someone that has a welder and knows how to build a flat bed. I'm not that handy or I'd give it a shot. It has been my daily driver all winter with no problems but probably could use a tune up. I just bought an 03 Tundra but didn't trade it in because I don't want it going to the junk yard. I am only asking $900.

The truck is located in Menasha, Wisconsin- 30 miles south of Green Bay. I can take photos and send them via email to anyone who is interested.

Let me know if you are interested or know of anyone who might be.

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where are you located?
My location

Sorry, I guess my location is important.
I am located in Menasha, Wisconsin. Menasha is 30 miles south of Green Bay.

5 spd or AT?
answer to tech question

The truck is a 5 speed. I also failed to mention that it does have a fiberglass topper that matches the paint. I'm going to try to upload photos.

Pics available

I tried to attach pics I just took. My picture files were way too big. Instead of shrinking them down I'd rather just email them to whoever would like to see them. I will try again if someone would rather not give me their email.


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