90K Service

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Jan 13, 2005
Louisville, KY
Hi guys, I've been away from Mud for a while and haven't had a lot of time for internet forums. Last week I had a bunch of service done to my 100. Just thought I'd share the details. I had done some of the 90K service (diffs, transfer case fluid changes, etc.) early (around 80K) before a trip to Moab in 06. But, I have been putting off some of the harder items. I just went past my 100K milestone on my 100 so I figured I couldn't wait any longer on this maintenance.

Last week I had the timing belt replaced along with the water pump, serp belt, and hydraulic tensioner. This service ended up costing $933.62.

I also had the transmission fluid flushed and replaced. This cost $192.70

I also had the coolant system flushed, pressure tested, and refilled with Toyota red coolant. This cost $150.44.

My cv boots had been leaking a little grease since I lifted my 100, so I had them re-band the boots since they were in good shape. This cost $68.00.

I ended up needing rear brakes too. I had a set of oem pads already so they put those on with a fresh pair of oem rotors. This cost $276.00.

The total cost of all of this was $ 990.00 in labor and parts and sales tax took it to a total of $1690.06. I know, I know, I should of done the work myself but with everything I have going on right now, it made more sense to have the work done by a shop.

I still need to re-pack my front wheel bearings and do the front brakes in the next few months. Once it warms up, I'll at least do those things myself. It's nice to be back on Mud, I have a lot of posts to catch up on.
ouch. I am facing the same this summer. But I may do more of it myself. Still a big ticket.....

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