TLCA 8th Annual Mardi Krawl, Sept 3-6

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Ok boys and girls. We are about 5 1/2 weeks from MK20. The planning committee got together this morning to start putting the finishing touches on what MK20 is going to look like. There are still a few things up in the air and we may have to make some alterations to the plan but as almost all of 2020 has gone, we will roll with the changes and hope you will too.

So, for starters, registration is still open. You and your friends can register here ——->

We are working with Mark, the park owner, to have the park closed for the event as we have done in the past. However, after people have requested refunds for many reasons, we are left with roughly 40 registered trucks as of today. The bottom line is we need more attendees to make it worth closing the park so that may have to be a last minute decision.

As for entertainment, we will likely have the band, Jeff Henson and who ever he happens to be playing with this week 🤪, on Friday night. Unfortunately, we will not be doing the optional Thur night Cajun dinner and music show. We should have some kind of DJ style music on Thur and Sat nights.

As for the food, we are looking to have jambalaya (as we always do) on Fri night and possibly red beans and rice (another New Orleans staple) on Sat. We may have something for Thur night but not sure at this time. More info to come. There will be no breakfast or lunch available so please plan accordingly. As of now the raffle is going to be on Sat night but will be different from previous years. This year especially we have had a very tough time acquiring raffle donations. So, we are still sorting out how it will work. More info as we figure things out.

The obstacle course race will turn into a timed trail race (this is gonna be fun) and we will also have a blind driver timed race. And yes, you will be able to buy time for and against the drivers like we’ve done for the obstacle course race in the past.

No matter what it looks like at the end of the day, everyone will have a good time. We will always have good people, good food, good music and a great venue. If you have questions please message us. Please share this with your off roading / overlanding friends so they can join in the fun and we can ensure the park is closed for our event.

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