89 toyota 2.4lt turbo diesel 4x4

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United States
I have a 1989 2.4lt turbo diesel 4x4 5 speed man trans for sale, 93,000 miles, USA licensed and registered, passes strict AZ emissions tests annually, extremely clean, runs great, replaced head in 2007 with cooler running aftermarket head. factory engine, no sun damage, no dings or dents, RHD, interior perfect, I am asking $9,000 but will entertain offers, selling from southern AZ
What year does the title say on it??
Australian Shepherds! Nice, sweet truck too
Interior perfect? It look filthy. What head is it using?

I also want to know what year the title says.

title reads 1989....and yeah ok a few dog hairs but very little wear and no tare. The interior is in great shape.... nothing a vacuum can't fix!

We ordered the new head out of Canada from "mustang connections". Not sure what the actual specs are but those folks said it was an aftermarket head with more water flow to combat the chronic overheating issues with surfs coming out of Japan those years. It runs cool now after that modification.
Thanks for the info. MC knows their stuff.

there is no vin badge in the engine compartment? looks like its ripped off. Is there one in the front windshield?

you got it, the Vin badge is on the door. It is a non-conforming vin.... based on your questions I get the idea you are aware of how difficult these vehicles are to register in the US. It was a major hassle but yes this vehicle is licensed and registered in the US for the past two years.

I purchased it to satisfy my need for 4x4 (I am a feild Biologist) while doing something a bit greener than the average 4x4, (I generally run bio diesel and I had intended to put a grease kit on the beast when my work situation changed dramatically). We have three vehicles and my hope is to get the herd down to one at least until the economy gets back up and running. I find parts in Canada easily and have been working with a fantastic tech web site out of Australia when I need to do repairs and maint but I am not a mechanic and I have yet to find a good shop that will do any work on her. I need to sell but if I can't get $8 or $9K I will keep her.
yeah, a lot of the US dieselheads know all about the importation rules. there are a lot of good threads on it too.

Does it have AC? Is it cold? I would think yes if you are in AZ.
89 surf

It has AC, power windows, etc. The AC does not blow so cold this spring so if I don't sell it is off to an AC joint to get it looked at. It was arctic last year so probably a recharge job.......
what kind of milage do you get on the highway and around town?

Thanks for asking I forgot to include that. I typically get between 28-32mpg depending on how big of a hurry I'm in.

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