87 FJ60 Great shape!

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United States
Location - Salt Lake City, Utah
Contact - Toni, 801-2090-8522, cabalisticfire@mac.com
Price - $5200 OBO Make me an offer!!!!

Picked up this cruiser in great shape a couple summers ago and put a lot of time and money into it. It is originally from southern California. As a result, it has been very well preserved. I had wanted one of these classic cruisers for years and have really enjoyed owning this one. We've made frequent trips to the mountains with it and have even taken a 3000 mile cross-country trip in it. It's really a great vehicle, very reliable. I'm VERY short on space and will be for the foreseeable future which makes this quite impractical for me to own. I no longer commute to work, so owning 3 cars is kinda silly at this point. I've done a ton of work on this cruiser and spent thousands more than my asking price. Not only Major things like rebuilding the transfer case and installing a new clutch but little things like new hood bumpers to even up the body lines. I'm asking $5200 OBO which is far, far less than I have invested and easily a good deal. Come take a look and hear it run, you won't be disappointed. . Contact Toni at 801-209-8522.

Recent work done on this cruiser:
Rebuilt transfer case
New clutch installed
New U-Joints installed
All new suspension bushings
Mild shackle lift (1/2"), add-a-leaf rear. Sits nice and level like a cruiser should
New rear shocks, have new front shocks on hand.
Oil pan replaced, no leaks in engine, tranny, or transfer case.
New BF Goodrich All Terrain, 30x9.50, perfect fit.
Valves recently adjusted
New plugs and wires
All tune-up items in good working order
FJ62 mirrors installed (work much better than the originals)
New grill
New Antenna
Optima yellow top battery
Upgraded Hella H4 headlights (much brighter)
Upgraded Hella horns (much louder)
New tie rod ends
Old man emu steering stabilizer added
Removed entire interior and installed Elemental Designs eDead sound deadener. Rides much quieter than stock now.
Thermostat replaced

General condition:
Has working AC
At last emissions test it passed with flying colors.
Body has very little rust, just a little on the left front fender.
Starts up and drives reliably
Brakes are in great shape, stops straight
Interior condition is quite good,
Dash is not cracked, all buttons work
Front seats have covers on them and average wear for the age
Back seat in great shape
Carpet and door panels are in great shape
Panasonic Stereo with CD player w/remote, 6.5" speakers installed.

Still have the original owners manual
Complete set of factory service manuals included
Yakima roof rack setup included
Many spare parts, including hundreds of dollars of brand new repair parts included












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what a deal on this cruiser with all the work done on it!!
Yup, it breaks my heart to sell it. It's not hard to add up the numbers on things like a transfer case rebuild, new tires, stereo, etc on an already nice vehicle and see that I've got a bunch of money in this thing and just trying to step away from it now. The labor in going through the suspension and replacing all of the bushings, shackles, etc and stripping the interior bare to install the sound deadening was quite substantial. It's kinda novel to slam the door on it, sounds more like a late model euro car with a commanding thud than the typical tin can sound you get out of one of these. I did two layers on the front doors to help make the speakers sound a lot better.

It is an old beast though and not trying to represent it as a full restoration. It's still going to need some things but we all know that these old cruisers are always a project at some stage.

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