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Jan 10, 2006
Tahoe City, CA
United States
Up for sale is my much beloved fj60 toyota landcruiser. This truck has been with me for many years, it has always been totally reliable and a strong runner. While not in perfect condition it is in great shape for a vehicle that is over 20 years old. She is very comfy for long road trips, skiing, surfing, lots of room for gear, bench seats for packing in your friends. It drives very well on the freeway, very smooth and predictable, with the great tires and plenty of clearance she has no problem taking you to the far-away corners of any state you choose. She has always had scheduled maintenance performed by my local mechanic, all replacement parts have been OEM toyota when needed.

Interior condition is good. She comes from a non-smoking home. The driver's seat has the typical tear/foam break-up, The carpet is clean and tight but it does show wear, the dash is uncracked and in great shape excluding some perforations at the stock speaker location. There is no stereo as it migrated to my new ride. The cargo area carpet and side panels were removed long ago due to heavy wear and a large amount of dog hair. These were covered by a cargo box that I constructed but has also moved on. The windows are tinted dark to keep looky-loo's from peeking in, combined with the cold AC it makes for a comfy ride. The heat blows hot when needed. The headliner is intact and tight though slightly dirty. With the bench seat, large rear cargo area and the adaptability of the roof rack this truck is perfect for loading the family and friends up for extended trips and journeys upon roads less travelled.

The exterior is in good condition but does have a few issues. The paint is not original but is very well done, it shines brightly when cleaned up. There is no rust on the body panels and slight cosmetic only rust on some areas of the frame. This truck was purchased by the original owner in Reno and lived there until I purchased it and it moved it to Lake Tahoe. They do not use salt on the roads there and combined with the sunny climate the frame is very solid. This was a major review point for me when I first purchased it. There is no rust around the doors or wheel wells, the rain rails are also clean. She has acquired a few scrapes and dings in the many years of service. There is a 6 to 8 inch crease in the driver's side rocker panel, The right rear panel just forward of the taillight was scraped by an errant driver in the recent winter blast here in portland. The rear tailgate and liftgate are also creased from backwards roll into a large cedar tree. They still function fully and are not visually bad. Please check all photos for the full condition. There are fj62 style mirrors for greater visibility. The grill and all vents were sandblasted and "blacked" out.

Mechanically the truck is very solid, she starts easliy, runs very strong and I would not hesitate to drive this truck anywhere. She has always had oil changes on a regular 3000 mile schedule. There have been many recent replacement parts and upgrades made as listed below, it does need to have the parking brake cable replaced. The 4wd works excellent. The truck does not burn oil though she has a few leaks which I think originate at the valve cover. I average 13 to 15 miles per gallon depending on the load and driving conditions. She really likes to motor along just over 2500 RPM, very smooth and quiet. Idles well at just under 1000 RPM on the tach, the valves purr. The brakes are smooth and have good feel, stops well. This truck is not currently registered, since moving from California I have been a bike commuter and she has been sitting in the driveway for far too long. I start and drive her around about once a week. She has always passed smog inspections in California which are not very lenient. I have faith that it would pass smog today, in this condition if required in your state. The compression numbers average from 140 to 150's (tested within the last 6 months) She has just over 207,000 miles.
All gauges are accurate and functional. This truck has never overheated and is always rock steady at the gauge, summer time heat in traffic with AC is of no concern.

. - New shocks installed along with the 31x10.5" BFG all-terrain tires, mounted on aftermarket steel wheels. I would say they have approximately 50% life left. A full size spare lives underneath.

- The clutch was replaced at around 160,000 miles.

- Upgraded headlights last winter, not hellas but so much better than stock

- All tie-rod ends were replaced, there is also a new high-pressure power steering line.

- It has a new reman alternator, starter and upper coolant hose. There is also a brand new thermostat and all belts for replacement if needed. Again these are all new toyota parts.

- Replaced the fuel filter, and had the carb overhauled two years ago.

- Brake fluid completely flushed & bled before last winter.

- The cap, rotor, plugs, and wires were replaced last spring.

- The charging system was upgraded two summers ago. There is an optima red top battery, and all new ground and charge wires made from marine grade 0 gauge wiring to the ground and starter.

- The original tool kit, jack and a Haynes manual are included.

- There are 2 thule road bars and the feet included ( though not pictured, they are black and in good condition with locks and keys)

I have tried to accurately describe the condition as well as possible, this truck is sold as-is and there is no warranty. As stated this truck does not have current registration, the title is clear. I will have a temporary permit ready for those that request it. The truck is currently located in the greater Portland, OR area.

I really hate to have to part with this truck. She has always been a joy to drive and taken me everywhere I have wanted to go. As a bike commuter I no longer drive her anymore and feel it is time to let her go to a good home.
Please feel free to email with any questions. More pictures available.

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