86' HJ60 Diesel

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a few corrections to the ad:

It's a 2h/auto combo not a 4.2.
I has a rear full float with open diffs.
It will have a new primer pump, valve cover gasket and valve adjustment tomorrow. I'm not sure why the seller is unsure of the mileage I will check the odometer tomorrow.
I will go ahead and do a compression test while I've got the glow plugs out.

The truck is not mine but I am doing some minor work to help my friend sell it. I'd be glad to answer questions but once again i have no affiliation and will not be responsible for any sale.
It was registered in Washington, she bought it and took it to DMV who did an inspection and registered it. It was pretty easy really. By inspection I mean the DMV rep came out and looked at the stickers (Canadian VIN, Washington plates and registration) and approved it.

Put in a new primer pump and fuel filter, adjusted the idle and purrs like a kitten. A much quieter kitten than my own 2h.

The mileage is 193,000 km.

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